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Solutions   1/f Yuragi - Natural Breeze
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1/f Yuragi - Natural Breeze
Ceiling Fan
The newly launched deluxe type ceiling fan is equipped with 1/f Yuragi function. It is a fluctuation patten which usually exists in the gentle breeze on grassy plain, hypnotic rhythm of rolling waves and even in the classical music.
By this sophisticated formula, 1/f Yuragi, in varying air velocity and controlling wind force, the new ceiling fan presents you a peaceful and comfortable breeze. Incorporated with the human-concerned technology, this kind of rhythm also maintains your external body temperature, and keep you in a better and relaxing physical condition.
1/f Yuragi Pattern
Comparison Between 1/f Yuragi and Rhythm Random Mode
Deline of Body TemperaturePleasure
1/f Yuragi Body temperature which suitable for human body will not fall off easily Near the nature wind
  • Natural feeling when wind velocity changes
  • Not feel tired easily even long time using
  • Rhythm
    Random Mode
    Body temperature which is suitable for human body will fall off after long period of time Human made wind
    " Might provide anxious feeling when wind velocity changes
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