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KDK 110th Anniversary Ceremony Speech from President Mr. Ogasawara

Regarding to celebrate KDK 110th Anniversary, most of the worldwide agents of KDK were invited to join the celebrating trip in Japan. The President of Panasonic Ecology System – Mr. Ogasawara was giving a welcome speech in the Anniversary ceremony.

Mr. Ogasawara' s welcome speech

Good Morning, KDK Family Members!

Welcome to Kasugai.


I am Takashi Ogasawara and I have been the President of Panasonic Ecology Systems since April, 2018.

I am so pleased and honoured to see our beloved KDK Family members from all over the world.

Also, thank you very much for making time while your busy schedule, to join today’s ceremony at Kasugai.


As you may know, KDK was established in 1909, and this year is 110th anniversary of KDK. With your untiring effort of promoting KDK Brand, KDK Brand has been successfully and continuously expanded the network throughout the world. Thank you very much.


Before joining Panasonic Ecology Systems, I did not have chance to involve with KDK Brand. However, I was so impressed about KDK Brand, when I met with some of KDK Family Members and get to know well about KDK Business.

And I sincerely believe that we have to further expand KDK Business, and last KDK Brand forever.


 We are now facing difficulty globally in every aspects.

Therefore, I strongly feel we need to make counter actions to remain our KDK brand.


Today is the special day to express our gratitude to KDK Family Members who have been long time promoting and brought up KDK Brand, and who have been newly become KDK Family Members.

At the same time, we would like to deeply communicate, what kind of actions we must take in each other, to expand KDK Brand business in coming future.


I do hope today’s event would be the milestone to make first step to drive our future growth of KDK Brand for next decade.

Finally, thanks for coming all the way, and let’s celebrate the KDK 110th Anniversary together!

Thank you very much!