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Don't you want to live with clean air?

Due to the more airtight environment with the frequent use of building materials containing chemical substances and living with closed-window due to widely use of air conditioning, it is difficult to maintain sufficient air flow inside our house that inhouse air condition easily gets contaminated nowadays. In order to provide a healthy living environment to our family, ventilation plays a very important role.

Cautions! For Humid and Bad Ventilation Places.

Humid places with bad ventilation are perfect homes for wood-loving termite.

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Dew Condensation Is a Friend of Mold And Mite?

Dew condensation is highly connected with mold and mite. The temperature and humidity for dew condensation are suitable condition for mold and mite to inhibit.

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Indoor Air Pollution Caused by Chemical Substances is the Reason?

Air pollution caused by high living density and frequent use of chemical substances such as building materials, could be the primary reason for Sick House Syndrome.

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Are People Carrying Pollen Around?

Pollen tends to stick on laundries, dried quilt and even our daily our daily clothing when we are outside. It can also enter the room via opening & closing window.

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Fungus Contaminating Our Home can also Damage Our Health?

Spores of floating mold (fungus) will become allergen, and increase the tendency of allergy diseases.

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Mite is the cause for allergy disease?

Over 80% of allergy disease patients are disturbed by allergen caused symptoms (mite dead body / mite droppings).

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To prevent and improve the above problems, "24-hour ventilation plan" is our suggestion for you. 

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