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By the exclusive product Thermo Ventilator, you may realize the new concept of clothes drying. Even in humid days, just hangs your clothes in the bathroom and then switches on the equipment, circulated airflow will dry your clothes thoroughly.
The products are installed into ceiling that do not occupy any space of the bathroom. Its drying process will not damage to clothes fiber and is able to dry large size of cloths such as bedclothes.



Taking example of PTC Type :-
Bathroom Area = 1.6 x 1.6 x 2.2 m
Weight of Clothes = 2.5 kg
Operation Mode = Dry Mode
Temperature = 20℃
Relative Humdity = 60%


Using the PTC type, it takes only 101 mintues to dry the clothes and electrical charge is just cost $4.1


Electric Charge = Electrical Rate ($1/kWH) x Power consumption (kW) x Time (Hour)
Electic rate is in accordance with Hong Kong rate.