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What is Indoor Air Quality?

Better Indoor Air Quality, Better Health The cleanliness of the air we breathe in is very important to our health, and we spend most of our time indoor. Our solutions strive to keep indoor environment clean, safeguard our health, comfort and well-being.

Home Ventilation Book

Due to the more airtight environment with the frequent use of building materials containing chemical substances and living with closed-window due to widely use of air conditioning, it is difficult to maintain sufficient air flow inside our house that inhouse air condition easily gets contaminated nowadays. In order to provide a healthy living environment to our family, ventilation plays a very important role.

Sizing of Ventilation Fan

To improve indoor air quality, source of the pollutants should be reduced or removed. Choosing proper ventilation fans in airtight homes help to ensure healthy indoor air quality. In addition, the fans should be located near the source of moisture and indoor air pollutants in the rooms. The first step when sizing for a ventilating fan is to determine which application, i.e. bathroom, kitchen or other. Use the following recommendations to determine Air Changes per Hour (ACH) for your specific application. Intermittent or continuous ventilation should be considered.